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The End of the White Race


Challenging commonly held beliefs about Slavery, Racism, and African-American politics

African-American Cultural Heritage: what is and what isn't


Jews who Dissent from Jewish beliefs (being revised)

Jews who served the Reich

2013 and older

Declaration to overturn the NY SAFE act of 2013

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    List of senate and assembly votes on SAFE act

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The 22 demands (draft) October 2011
This was written for occupy wall street.  which was ignored.

 2007 or prior

Ron Paul printable flyer

America "Freedom to Fascism" flyer

Vaccines-Aspartame-Fluoride: The Triple-Whammy of  Death     Printable flyer version (.doc)

Beat the IRS      Printable flyer version (.doc)

Is "An Inconvenient Truth" a convenient lie?      Printable flyer version (.doc)

Immigration reform is not amnesty, it's an expansion of slavery

My response to: "What we could have bought for the price of war"

Overpopulation is a hoax

The Twin Towers Burning Man Ritual (a.k.a. why did the president just sit there?)

Screw the IRS

Mayor Bloomberg is an asshole

Fluoride- bad for teeth - good for brain damage

Why do people believe stupid things?

Answers to Questions





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