The End of the White Race

So this is how it ends......

White guilt has reached a level of insanity beyond  all comprehension.  a white person isn't happy unless he or she is chained to a pole and whipped by negroes.  Young beautiful white women give their love freely to the nearest available black thug or muslim, with their family's blessings, even if it leads to being beaten, humiliat
ed, abandoned, degraded, mutilated, raped or killed... it is still preferable to a coffee date with a white man.  And the white men defend them for this.  They will attack, violently, anyone who dares suggest that a white person deserves to live, let alone bring white children into the world.  it's not OK to be white. No, white people do not deserve a seat at the table in the Family of Man.  White people must accept that their DNA is a cancer upon the earth.  White people must, from birth to their hopefully quick death,  surrender all their resources to every whim of the  "oppressed" brown people.  They must either not breed, or breed with the darkest negroes they can find to eliminate their whiteness for the world.   Their money, their homes, their possessions, their careers, their bodies, or even their very lives, must be given freely to the pleasure of the brown and black people, no matter how sadistic.  the more sadistic the better.  Because all white people are born racist.  Nothing is too much to demand from the whites, for their Original Sin of White Privilege can never be absolved, for their endless guilt of cruelty genocide and slavery to the poor innocent peaceful loving and tolerant brown people, who are forever guiltless and blameless for all wrongdoing, in all cases and circumstances. White males are the cause of all the evil in the world.  Only if a white person should happen to be gay, lesbian, transgender, gender fluid, pedophile or something other than evil CIS-gender (straight)  can he or she be included among the Family of the Oppressed, Tolerant, Diverse, and Multicultural enlightened beings.  

This is what white people really believe.  Do you think I am joking?  or exaggerating?  Then put up a sign in public that reads:

"it's ok to be white" or
"white lives matter" or
"Stop killing white people"  or
"love your race" (with a picture of a white family)

....and see how white people react to it.

No amount of persuasion, debate, or discussion can talk them out of it.  Not hundreds of pages of historical facts and statistical data,  showing how people of European descent have uplifted and advanced humanity, given alms and charity, ended oppression and cruelty,  gave their time and resources in volunteer service to help the poor around the world, built hospitals and universities, innovated to protect nature and defend wildlife, can convince them.  Nor having been wrongfully accused for crimes against humanity, which were in fact committed by other races, can ever convince a white person that he or she deserves to live.  Nope.  No amount of  documentation and photographs showing acts of cruelty, murder, rape, slavery and genocides committed upon white people by non-whites, can product a single teardrop of sympathy. No amount of  evidence proving an international, coordinated, long-term program to eradicate whiteness from the earth,  involving economic sanctions, political and social alienation,  incessant promotion of race mixing, endorsement and approval of  hatred, violence, rape and murder of whites, replacement of European peoples from historical record, and displacement of white families from housing or employment, can inspire a single word of righteous indignation. Nope. Show them these, the photos of the bombing of Dresden, or the savage murders of Christian-Newsome couple,  or the thousands more white victims like them... or the Holodomor, or the Eisenhower death camps, or the white farmers of South Africa... and they will tell you they deserved it.  or they will call it racist garbage. or bullshit.  or conspiracy theories. or they will think it's funny.  Whites are murdered, raped, tortured, stabbed, and shot every day by vicious, white-hating blacks, and the media doesn't report it, or if they do they call it a robbery gone wrong. But Heaven forbid you should fail to worship at the feet of His Holiness Saint Trayvon.  

Their mind is made up and that's that. The extinction of the white race is complete.  it is just a matter of the old ones dying off.   The young white progressive liberals and antifa are gloating and giggling with hysterical joy as the inevitability of their own extinction draws near.  They salivate in anticipation of the next opportunity to punch a Nazi.  Or stab, or bludgeon, or mutilate with acid.  But why stop there?  They have guns now, and nearly full legal immunity. Nothing pleases the party of Love and Tolerance more than to see rivers of blood of their white brothers and sisters flowing through the streets, their skulls crushed and bodies splattered.  Because Love Trumps Hate. Any dissenters who disagree or resist, who suggest that this might be wrong, or that some white people are good,  will be quickly branded racist white supremacist nazi KKK, hunted down with extreme prejudice, tortured and eventually killed, by the cruelest methods available. 

....and it isn't just liberals. Even conservative-voting Christian whites are the first in line to hand their daughters over to black and brown men to prove they aren't racist.  and the churches are promoting this, along with homosexuality, feminism, open borders, blacklivesmatter, Zionism and Islam.   The Churches have fallen to political correctness, taken sides with the enemies of Christ,  in the name of being inclusive and not offending anyone, and yet see fit to condemn faithful who wish to defend  and preserve Christendom. The same clergy who tirelessly defend the innocent unborn are shamefully silent when it comes to the murder of innocent white people.   The have perverted the meaning of Matthew 5:39,  making Stockholm Syndrome official church doctrine.  Matthew 22:39 has been perverted into encouraging marriage with non-whites and adopting black children to prove you are a good Christian.   Faithful Christians who oppose this trend and wish to preserve their ancestral heritage are condemned as racist white supremacists and  excommunicated.

 In times past, conquering armies raped the conquered women to produce children of the conquerors and extinguish the race of the conquered. But today, white women freely give up their wombs to  invaders.  They condone and forgive the men of color who rape them, and proudly flaunt their brown offspring to rub in the face of white men.  And for this blatant act of genocide are they punished, shamed, ridiculed or dispossessed?  No. they are praised, encouraged and rewarded, while white women who wish to marry a white husband and bear white children are condemned and hated.

Forget guns and tanks and planes and bombs and nuclear missiles.  Those are obsolete.   If you can cause the females of a species to turn against their males, you kill the entire species.  And today we have an outpouring of millions of pink-pussyhat vagina terrorists marching in the streets, declaring their open hatred for white men, demanding the right to kill their own children, and at the same time demanding open our borders to highly sexual African men so they can breed with them.  Women have become fully weaponized.  And they are well-funded, organized, and protected by the government and media.

Young white people are committing suicide in epidemic proportions.  And those who don't do so indirectly through dangerous self-destructive behavior.  Drug addiction, alcoholism, promiscuity has become an epidemic, teens  are dressing and acting like ghetto thugs.  the older generation has no idea why this is happening.  rehab programs and suicide hotlines have little effect.  it is quite simple, white people are being told every day, constantly, that they are bad people and don't deserve to live, from their schools, television, movies, print advertising, and their own peers.  They are living in Hell and want to die, just because they are white. and no one is willing to acknowledge this obvious psychological warfare, because it would be "racist" to discuss it.

Never in all the history of the Earth has an entire species of living beings collectively agreed to voluntarily commit suicide.  The white race, once the most successful species on the planet, who have ceaselessly aspired towards higher learning, innovation, philosophy and altruism,  who could have led all of humanity, all races, together toward a golden age and advanced humanity into interstellar beings,  has instead decided to kill itself.  What remains will collapse into a global third world; perpetual cruelty, poverty, wars, murders, rape, thievery, cannibalism, slavery, blood rituals, sexual perversion, child abuse, despotic governments and environmental destruction.

All in the name of some bullshit fantasy about diversity and multiculturalism.

Happy now?



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