Is "An Inconvenient Truth" a convenient lie? 

Let's see what the movie trailer says....

"If you love your children"
"If you love your planet"
"You must see this film"

they use GUILT to manipulate you - who doesn't love their children? who doesn't love the Earth?

"the most terrifying film you will ever see"

They use  fear and anxiety to manipulate you - to SCARE you into acting or feeling a certain way. why?

"The scientific consensus is that WE are causing global warming"

Oh really? what scientists said that? how are you the cause of the problem? because you own a car? because you use electricity? because you want to heat your home in the winter? or just because you eat and breathe? for this you should be held accountable for the problems of the world ? read on....

"This is not a political much as it is a moral issue"

 it most certainly is a political issue AND a moral issue. But YOUR morals are not the problem. Yes, there are increasing temperatures.  Yes, there are more violent storms. Yes, our environment is in trouble.

"Did the planet betray us... or did we betray the planet?"

It is YOU who is being betrayed. .

"We have to act together to solve this crisis"

Yes we do.... but not in the way that the producers of this movie would like you to.

Ask yourself these questions:

If you could own a car that got 200 mpg, made no pollution, performed as well as a normal car, and did not cost a lot, would you one one?

Did you know that in 1930 Charles Nelson Pogue invented modified carburetor that did just that? Did you know that since then there have been over 5,000 patents for high-efficiency fuel systems and engines?  It is now 76 years later. We have supercomputers and spacecraft.  How many mpg does your car get?

If you could have all the electricity and heat you want for FREE, without making any pollution or greenhouse gasses, without fossil or nuclear fuels, would you do it?

Did you know that there are HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of patents for engines and electrical generating devices that make no pollution, no greenhouse gases, run on magnets, or gravity, or water, or absorb energy from the air or the Earth?

Why are we still using fossil and nuclear fuels?

Who would want suppress technology that would benefit everyone?  Who stands to profit?  Who has the power pull off such a massive cover-up?  And why are they blaming YOU for pollution?  And why doesn't Mr. Al Gore talk about this?

But wait!  There's more.....

The movie blames pollution for increasingly violent storms. Yes there are increasingly violent storms.  But is that due to pollution?  What about the magnetic pole shifts?  What about the past two Ice ages and the Great Flood described in the Bible?  I suppose wooly mammoths caused that?   Did you know that weather control technology has been around for over 40 years? Back in the 70's it was reported in the news all the time about "seeding clouds" to increase rainfall. Did you know that there is a 3,600,000-watt radio transmitter in Alaska called HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program) that can pump energy into the atmosphere anywhere on the planet? did you know that it can be used to alter weather patterns? did you know that this technology can weaken storms? did you know that it can make them worse? Could the Hurricane Katrina disaster have been avoided? was it created? who would do such a thing?

but wait! it gets worse...

Not only do the perpetrators of this cover-up want to suppress this technology, but they want to blame YOU for polluting the Earth.  And what solution do they offer?  Let's see....

They say that WE pollute the air. They say WE should have tougher laws that will restrict our use of energy and transportation. that means electricity and fuel will be rationed.  It means curfews.  Road blocks. it means being imprisoned for trying to heat your home.  All in the name of saving the environment.

They say that WE pollute the land and water. They say WE should have tougher laws that will restrict our use of it. that means not being able to grow food. that means water rationing. that means being forced to live where they tell you. all in the name of saving the environment. THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING all across America.

They say national governments are too lenient on environmental issues. They say that WE must yield to a worldwide government that will control the worlds land and water, food and energy.  All in the name of saving the environment.

And finally, they say that the Earth can not sustain population growth. They would like you to feel guilty just for being alive.  They say that "something" must be done to reduce the population but they don't say what. all in the name of saving the environment.

So. let's see....

They want to overthrow our government, take our land, control our food, water, energy, and transportation, imprison us, and eventually kill us.  And they want us to trust them.

Who are "they"?  Big corporations?  Big oil? The Federal Reserve?  The New World Order? The United Nations? Maybe.  But whoever they are, they financed this very well-produced and cleverly scripted movie and placed Al Gore as their front man. Start asking questions.