The 22 Demands of the People of the United States of America         

We the people, that is, the natural persons, men women and children, lawfully residing within the fifty states of the United States of America and the District of Columbia, Do hereby direct Congress and the President to enact and enforce, effective immediately, the following demands:

1) Reestablishment of national currency; state and local currencies;

The President shall by executive order, direct the US treasury to create United States Treasury currency, in notes, coins, electronic funds, redeemable in either gold, silver, units of energy or of labor, completely independent of the Federal Reserve Bank or any foreign or privately owned entity.  The US Treasury shall not engage in fractional reserve banking. All banks within the fifty states and District of Columbia shall issue US currency. Payments, loans and benefits from the US treasury shall be made in US currency.  The 50 states, local communities and private companies shall be free to create their own complimentary currencies by whatever systems are workable, except for fractional reserve, which shall be considered counterfeit and therefore outlawed. The Federal Reserve Bank, having fraudulently seized the assets of issuers of lawful independent currencies, shall return all items seized. 

2) Emergency Homeowner relief;

Credit shall be applied towards the mortgage payments for the primary residence of every private homeowner; fifty cents for every dollar paid for the next five years, and retroactively for the past ten years.  Homes foreclosed within the last ten years shall be returned to their owners if such retroactive credits would have been sufficient to meet payment requirements. 
Lending institutions may not change the terms of loans without the consent of the borrower, nor transfer debt to another institution.  Any such changes shall render the borrower’s obligation null and void.

) Abolition of the Federal Income Tax;

The 16th Amendment, having been fraudulently ratified, shall be repealed. The Federal Income tax, which has no purpose other than to compel the people to pay the interest on a debt which we do not owe, shall be abolished.  This abolition does not extend to corporations.  Filers of forms 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ shall be refunded for all money they paid to the IRS in Federal Income Taxes for the last 30 years, except for payments into Social Security.  The IRS shall have no function in the lives of individuals and married couples except the collection of payments into social security, but shall continue to collect taxes from corporations, until the eventual replacement of the Federal Reserve System by the US treasury renders the agency obsolete.  The IRS, having misrepresented themselves as agents of the government, shall remedy all injured parties to whom they have seized funds or property, or imprisoned. Anyone currently imprisoned for refusing to pay the federal income tax shall be immediately released.

4) Dissolution of the Federal Reserve Bank

The Federal Reserve Act shall be repealed. The Federal Reserve Bank, all gold and silver, all assets and property held by it, and by its directors and shareholders, shall be returned to the United States treasury and to the people. The national debt shall be considered null and void.  No man, woman or child living in the 50 states or District of Columbia, nor the lands thereof,  shall ever be held as collateral for the debts incurred by the government.  The Federal Reserve Bank shall continue to operate as an entity under the control of the US treasury, congress, the president, and the will of the people.

5) elimination of corporate personhood;

The provision in the 14th Amendment that states, “nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws” shall apply only to natural persons, and not be interpreted to include a corporation, company, partnership, firm, association or society.  All subsequent laws granting personhood status to corporations shall likewise be overturned. Corporate charters shall be specific in their purpose and be subservient to the will of the people and the community in which it serves.  Their shall be no "limited liability". Corporations shall be held fully liable for their actions, as they are not capable of emotions, and therefore lacking in human empathy, and must be closely monitored and regulated by the community in which they are chartered and the people whom they serve.

6) Rolling back of the police state

The Patriot Acts shall be repealed.  The Omnibus Counterterrorism Act shall be repealed. The Department of Homeland Security shall be disbanded.  the TSA shall be disbanded, and all TSA staff shall be psychologically tested for public risk of sex offending. Said results shall be on public record.  Transportation safety shall be the responsibility of the respective transportation hubs, providers and local police.  All types of so-called “naked screening” x-ray scanning devices & mobile units, shall be removed, destroyed and recycled.
 Rex 84 shall be dissolved. all civilian internment camps shall be dismantled.  People who have committed no crimes shall never compelled to provide labor, be relocated, or surrender land or resources against their will and without compensation.

7) Military policy

Immediate full withdrawal of all armed forces, advisors and mercenaries from all foreign lands.  The Armed forces shall not attack any nation, region or peoples that Congress has not lawfully declared war on. The Armed forces shall not engage in covert wars, black ops, inhumane treatment of prisoners,  nor be used to serve any interest other than the safety and defense of the people of the United States of America and the lands, seas and skies thereof.  Mercenary forces shall be outlawed. Companies employing mercenary force shall lose their corporate charter and be dissolved; their assets shall pay for reparations to the people wronged by them.

The CIA shall be dissolved. Military intelligence shall fall within the responsibility of the armed forces and be subject to congressional oversight.  No security clearance shall be higher than the eyes of the President. There shall be no black budget.

8) Foreign aid policy

No nation known to possess weapons of mass destruction, i.e., nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic, sound, seismic, weather modification or mind control, no nation known to harbor the trafficking of human slaves, shall receive any aid whatsoever, be it grants, loans, military, logistical, or material support. The exceptions shall be humanitarian aid in the form of food, medical assistance and materials in the event of natural disaster, and only with the consent of the people of the Unites States of
America by democratic vote.


9) Conflicts of interest in public office;
No person of dual citizenship shall hold public office, except if that other citizenship is to one of the 50 states.  No person holding a title of nobility, nor of royal peerage, shall hold public office.  No person holding public office may own shares in any publicly traded company, nor have served on the board of directors, nor represented the interests of any such company, nor any foreign nation, within 20 years of entering public office, or 10 years after leaving public office.

10) Lobbying;

No organizations, no foreign persons or nations, no publicly traded companies, shall be recognized in any federal, state or local governments.  Elected or appointed officials shall not accept gifts or contributions.  Only citizens of the 50 states, US territories, and indigenous people, or duly appointed representatives thereof, shall be heard.

11) Legalize industrial hemp; marijuana laws revised;

All legal restrictions on growing and harvesting industrial hemp shall be repealed.  Mandatory sentencing laws for sale or possession of marijuana shall be abolished. Persons currently incarcerated under mandatory sentencing laws and for no other crime shall be immediately released.

12) Profit from war abolished;

No profit shall arise from the production of heavy weapons and machinery of war or mass destruction. Any such production shall only be for the benefit of defending and protecting American people and lands, under non-profit guidelines.

13) United Nations policy

No mandate set forth by the United Nations shall override the Constitution of the United States of America, nor the constitutions of the 50 states. Implementation of Agenda 21 and Codex Alimentarius in all of its various forms shall cease and desist. The United Nations shall be expelled from New York City and relocated to Gaza. The United Nations building shall be converted into rent-controlled housing. The Rockefeller family will personally pay for all expenses.

14) Energy policy

All patents on  highly efficient conventional or alternative energy,  locomotion, power, or so-called free energy, zero-point energy, over-unity, or energy from the ether, cold fusion, fuel from water, all of which are presently withheld from the public and classified, shall be unclassified and shall become public domain.  it shall be policy to promote the implementation of such technology into everyday use as quickly as possible.  Generous grants shall be awarded to inventors and developers of said technology towards the practical application and production thereof, funded by the publicly traded oil and energy corporations, its directors and CEO's present and retired.

15) Social security benefits;

All socially security benefits shall be significantly increased, no less than by 50% and payable in US currency funds. 

16) Abolition of the FDA and the Department of Education

The Food and drug administration, having made every effort to suppress cures for diseases and promote the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, shall be abolished, and replaced by an administrative body comprised of health practitioners of various disciplines.  No person who has represented the interests of a publicly traded pharmaceutical company within the past 20 years, or who possesses shares in any such company, shall be allowed to serve on such a board.

The Department of Education, having made every effort to reduce the literacy and mental competency of American children, shall be abolished.  Compulsory attendance in school shall be replaced by minimum standards of competency in reading and mathematics. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence shall be required curriculum. Financial aid shall be made available for private schooling.

17) GMO’s

No living organism, nor genetic makeup thereof, shall be patented.   Genetically modified seeds and crops already produced shall be used up for non-food industrial use only, until depleted. No more shall be produced.  Farmers will be compensated for any costs incurred in converting back to natural growing methods by Monsanto Corporation, its board of directors and shareholders, who will also compensate and reimburse any farmer who has suffered any financial losses directly or indirectly because of Monsanto Corporation.

18) Law enforcement, judicial ethics and reform.

No person shall be arrested or detained without probable cause, due process, access to council, and communication with at least one relative or friend. 

Law enforcement must first serve and protect the people before serving the interests of the incorporated town, city, county or state they serve in.  The people shall not be used as a source of revenue for the state, in the form of excessive and punitive fees, fines and surcharges.  Quotas for issuing summonses shall be illegal.  The police shall not conduct random searches and seizures or checkpoints. The police shall not demand a person to consent to a search, nor produce ID, without probable cause.  Crowd control weapons using sound or electromagnetic technology shall be outlawed.  Electric shock weapons shall be significantly reduced in power and duration, down to levels in which their safety and humane use can be guaranteed. Use of excessive force shall be deemed criminal assault.

All law enforcement officials, civil servants, and government officials shall be subject to the same laws and penalties as everyone else.  Penalties for crimes committed by a law enforcement officer, civil servant, or government official shall be no less than the penalties imposed on any ordinary person.  Penalties for crimes committed against a law enforcement officer, civil servant, or government official shall be no greater than such crimes committed against any ordinary person.

19) Cessation of covert methods of depopulation and war

No person shall be compelled to receive vaccinations.  Pharmaceutical companies shall not be immune from liability for injury caused by vaccines. Fluoridation of the water supply shall cease and desist. Spraying of chemicals in the atmosphere (chemtrails) shall cease and desist.  Electromagnetic, sound, and scalar wave technology shall not be used to inflict damage upon the nervous system or psyche, nor to inflict environmental damage, seismic activity or weather warfare. Such technology may only be used to protect people or property.  

20) Benefits of citizenship; health care.

Any US citizen, or citizen of the 50 states, or indigenous peoples living within the 50 states shall be entitled to Medicaid benefits if he or she wishes to apply.  Obamacare” shall be repealed and replaced by this policy.  

Benefits shall not apply to foreigners who have entered into our borders unlawfully, nor shall bearing children within our borders entitle them to lawful residency status

21) Restoring the sovereignty of indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples of the lands occupied by the 50 states and US territories are free to form independent sovereign nations, provided they do not forcibly displace their non-indigenous neighbors. Such nations shall be recognized by the Federal government and by the 50 states. Leonard Peltier shall be immediately released from prison.

22) Re-investigation of 9-11

A full public re-investigation of the terror attacks on September 11th , 2001, shall commence. All evidence from all sources shall be heard. All accused parties shall be tried publicly and those found guilty shall be punished to the full extent of the law. 

 September 28th, 2011
 revised October 4th

  Brian E.