Beat the IRS - cracking the code

I wrote a blog back in January called Screw the IRS and get away with it. This is something easy that any wage-earner to do. but I was just barely scratching the surface.

Those of you who have seen the movie trailer for Freedom to Fascism or visited the website have some idea about the IRS scam against the American people.

I have heard of people successfully suing the IRS for all their back taxes and winning.  I have also heard of the IRS screwing lower-income wage-earners out of their tax returns just for the hell of it.  It only goes to show you that everything your mamma taught you about being a good boy or girl and obeying the rules is a load of bunk.

after reading Historical Development of Modern Feudalism I surfed over to and found an expensive library of case histories against the IRS, Federal Reserve Bank, and BATF . free information for anyone who is seriously considering taking this battle on.  Another good resource is 

You can go to a peace protests, you can sign petitions, you can donate money for the hungry children if it makes you happy. but if you really want to do something that will make a difference stop financing the police state.

thanks Madthumbs for this video link:
Sherry Peel Jackson - Breaking The Invisible Shackles Of The IRS