Overpopulation is a hoax

I'm getting a lot of posts about this - so I thank all of my many good friends who are passing this info...

Links to articles below about Dr. Death - the professor promoting the idea of spreading a virus to wipe out 90% of humanity.

My comments:
This is nothing new. Has anyone ever seen the movie 12 monkeys ?

World depopulation has been and is still being promoted by the UN. Also known as genocide, ethnic cleansing, and eugenics. Presumably for saving mother Earth, they claim there is an overpopulation problem.


If space aliens were to show up tomorrow with flying saucers and death ray guns they couldn't do a better job at wiping our entire species then we do overselves by promoting hoaxes like "overpopulation"

There is enough bounty on the earth to provide for all of God's creatures. There is no need for pollution, disease, poverty, or war. The reason we have this problems is because those who run the world want it that way. Every invention that will solve a problem, every cure for a disease, is suppressed. Fossil fuel engines have been obsolete for at least 80 years. Cancer was curable 100 years ago.

So the Rockefeller family who runs the worldwide petrochemical industry makes sure those inventions never come to light. Meanwhile, their corporations pollute the earth, destroy the land, starve people, spread disease and finance war. So then they sponsor the United Nations and their organizations to promote propaganda to make us feel like Man is a cancer in the earth and we should feel guilty for driving a car or even for being born. That we should give up land ownership and hand it over to the UN. so they can cram us into overpopulated cites where they can control us.

My view on overpopulation:

Let those who call for a reduction in human population be the first to volunteer to kill themselves
(for the sake of Mother Earth, of course)

Here are the articles about Dr. Death as posted on rense.com and prisonplanet.com

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