Monday, January 30, 2006

Screw the IRS and get away with it

I do appreciate all the effort of those who are posting all these informative bulletins, blogs and links that are circulating around. I want to add something we can actually DO to make a difference. Anyone can do this if you have a "regular" on-the-books job.

it's simple. Just go the accountant and say you want to change your w-4 claim to be 9 dependents. that's all. you can fill in any number you want. the IRS doesn't care and neither will your employer. (not more than 9 because then you would need other forms) it's only a CLAIM. No one's gonna go to your house and check. the accountant is still gonna take out social security. can't get out of that. but there will be very little witheld for federal or state tax. so there will be more money in your pocket to spend, save or invest as you see fit.

The purpose of form w-4 is "so that your employer can withold the correct federal income tax from your pay" (I'm quoting the instructions)

What this means is that you give your employer and interest-free loan with every paycheck so they can take your money and go out and spend it, presumably to invest with, and hopefully not piss away. Then every quarter, they turn that money over to the IRS, the private, run-for-profit collection agency of the Federal Reserve Bank. The Fed then uses your money to finance war, covert operations, martial law, and George Bush's coke habit. (actually his daddy pays for that from his CIA coke sales profits. But I digress......) after plundering your paycheck for about a year, they MIGHT give SOME of it back next spring after the dollar has depreciated by 20% or more (at the rate things are going) and you can forget about seeing any interest.

If you have 401k that means you are voluntarily handing over even more of your pay to your employer to be used in the same way. Sure, you earn interest on it, but it is crumbs off your employer's table. and you get "locked in" to a contract that, by the time you are ready to cash in, the interest earned will never match up to the rising cost of living.

And if you really wanna be dumb, play the stock market. this way big corporations can borrow your money, piss it away, and they don't have to give you jack shit.

if, at the end of the year, you feel sufficiently coerced by the IRS to file form 1040, at least by pocketing the money and using it wisely you will have at least enjoyed some benefit from it. Possibly even earned some profit from gold or silver coins, or using it as capitol to start your own little enterprise.

there are other things you can do to annoy the IRS and get away with. you can wait 'til the last minute to send in your 1040, and forget to sign it. try it. they are not allowed by their own rules to claim you owe them anything unless you sign the form. Signing essentially gives them your permission to take your money. Even if you eventually do fork over some tax money, the least you can do is make the bastards sweat for it.

If you don't earn much money on the books, that is if you "owe" less than a grand, you can get away with not filing at all. you're too small of a fish for the IRS to even care about you.

You can also get your earned income credit in advance if your paycheck is so pitiful that you qualify for it. get form w-5 from

There are those who'd rather let the IRS hold their money so they can get that "big check" in the spring. Apparently some people feel too irresponsible with their own money to manage it themselves, so they let the government be their mommy. (please see political structure of a nation - Dependency ) To them I say PLEASE grow the fuck up. if you choose to be a slave then don't complain about your masters.