Friday, January 27, 2006

Why People Believe Stupid Things

I can't think of any Bush supporters in my "circle" on Myspace. but I have this one friend (for example) who still clings to this belief that Bush is a good Christian and that the muslims are all bad and should be nuked. No matter what facts I present. I think I gave him a copy of the 9-11 road to tyranny video back when it first came out. and he's not stupid. he's a scientist and inventor and we're both working on these alternative fuel projects. it makes no sense. But there are some people who, no matter what facts you present, they just go into denial. Same way with these die-hard lefties who think Bill & Hillary are such wonderful people, and that all Christians are backwards or stupid or that owning guns is bad.

Belief is a funny thing. people cling to their core belief systems no matter how absurd they may be, and to poke holes in their beliefs will only make them angry. The truth will piss you off. There are some people who get mad if you tell them their fly is open. I don't understand this kind of close-minded thinking, but it is seems to be prevailent.

I believe it is a characteristic of the mass mind-control that has been imposed on us. we are presented with a variety of belief schemas to choose from; protestant, catholic, jewish, muslim, left-wing, right wing....each contain some truth and some lies, but all of them manufactured by social engineers to keep us confused and fighting amongst ourselves while those who hold the real power give us the mushroom treatment (feed us bullshit and keep us in the dark).  People think their opinions are their own;  They are not. Our opinions, our very thoughts, are being put into our heads for us by beings we don't even know.  We are simply playing out a script that has been written for us.  and until one awakens to that script, one will continue to play the fool.  No matter how good your intentions are, you will continue to enforce your own enslavement.   But I didn't just make this stuff up:

Quoting from "the occult technology of power":

"The Right has such a fear of the Left's dream of democratic collectivism and the Left such a hatred for what it sees as the Right's elitist, rugged individualism that there is little danger that they will ever join forces to overturn our government-backed monopolies even though we violate the ideals of both left and right."

and from "The Protocols" chap 6:


If people only knew what is being done to us, how we have all been hoodwinked, deceived into destroying each other and ourselves, the aguing would stop; The power monopoly would collapse; wars would end; suffering would end.

But I digress.....

My point is about how difficult it is for people to let go of their belief schemas. Somehow we've acquired a dysfunctional attachment between our ego and our beliefs. To be right is to be accepted, to be liked, to feel good. but to be wrong is to be be rejected, to be shamed, to feel bad.  This kind of thinking creates a fear of being wrong.  We all know remember what it was like in grade school; how important it was to be accepted and how it hurt to be made fun of.  Social engineers manipulate this fear in order to deceive and divide us.  We begin to select our belief schemas very early in life, driven by our desire to be accepted and loved within one's circle of peers, and they become an integral part of our identity.    Facts that contradict one's belief schema are rejected; because to have to face them would be emotionally devastating.   It is like the famous scene in "the Matrix" where Morpheus offers Neo the red pill or the blue pill.  Deep inside we all know were are being lied to. But few of us have the courage to see just how far down the rabbit-hole goes.    I say there is nothing to fear.

BEharp aka Littletroll aka Agenturus