Saturday, May 27, 2006

My response to: "What we could have bought for the price of war(my responses in italics)

Instead, we could have fully funded world-wide AIDS programs for 28 years.

more $$ for the drug industry that created AIDS and suppresses cancer cures

Instead, we could have fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for
11 years

more $$ for agribiz Monsanto and ADM and the world bank who created the starvation problem in the 1st place by stealing the good land from the people

Instead, we could have insured 169,941,685 children for one year.

more $$ for insurance companies and the big pharma to shoot up our kids with toxic vaccines and feed 'em Ritalin.

Instead, we could have hired 4,918,336 additional public school teachers for one year.

Oh, great. more $$ for brainwashing

Instead, we could have provided 13,758,138 students four-year scholarships at public universities.

see above

Instead, we could have built 2,555,379 additional housing units.

more $$ for welfare for illegal aliens while doing NOTHING to alleviate property taxes and high rent

don't buy into this liberal propaganda bullshit. how about no war means:

* less taxes or no taxes,
* lower prices,
* one parent can support his family with one job,
* money in our pocket to do with as we see fit
* one parent at home means children can be home-schooled instead of the public brainwashing system
* money to afford your own choice of medical care instead of being dependent on government-sponsored big pharma.

BUT WAIT - if we start talking this way, the right-wingers might hop on board the peace movement.. oh no! the liberals can't have that!