Another look at the immigration issue


One of those moments where I reverse my opinion about something as new information presents itself.  I've been having a lot of those lately.  All part of the process of learning and growing in the pursuit of truth.

I was staunchly opposed to senate bill S.2611: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 granting amnesty to illegal aliens for the following reasons:

Breaking into our borders is a felony crime, and as such, one would think our government is supposed to enforce those laws. It does not.  It is unfair to citizens who are forced to comply to our legal system. It is unfair to legal immigrants who have busted their ass to come to America legally.  Once within our borders, Illegals commit crimes with impunity and our law enforcement looks the other way.  Besides that,  they don't pay taxes. They don't pay social security.  They drive without licenses, registration or insurance, or carry fake ID. They ignore housing codes.

They come here to enjoy the fruits of life in America without paying the price.

Basically, they are living free.

There is the argument that illegals are willing to work for jobs that Americans won't take. But it isn't because Americans are lazy.  It's because Americans can't afford to. If we were able to keep the money we make instead of it all going to pay bills, taxes and fees we could afford to work for cheap.  And besides, it isn't true anyway.  There are plenty of out-of-work Americans who would be happy to pick up some cash for a day. I should know, I've hired a few.

Also, there is the racial matter. Agents provocateur within the Atzlan movement spread a propaganda of stereotypes and hatred against white Americans.  It is not wonder that Americans feel threatened and view the overflow of illegal migrants as an invasion.  However, I am convinced that the entire racial matter has been concocted.  The propaganda tactics are a textbook example of  those used by the ADL to organize and finance extremist hate groups from behind-the-scenes.  For more information on that, please read "The Ugly Truth about the ADL" (available on my reading list).  The whole thing stinks of divide-and-conquer tactics to conceal a greater agenda.

Having said that.....

I just finished reading Historical Development of Modern Feudalism: The TRUTH about your status as a slave in America (also on my reading list) and I now understand why our law enforcement allows illegal aliens to break our laws. - it's because they are not subject to them.  They are not subject to the uniform commercial code of the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES.  They have not volunteered to become slaves.  We citizens were born into this slavery.

The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2006 empowers the Corporation known as the UNITED STATES to suddenly bring millions of free sovereign people residing within our borders under the subjugation of  the uniform commercial code. 100 million more slaves!

Doesn't it make perfect sense now why the president does nothing to protect our borders? Is it not clear how congress truly does serve the best interest of the UNITED STATES - the corporation ?  We the people be damned.

And the irony is, millions of Hispanic peoples all over America have demanded their right to become a slave!

Let them have their amnesty....they'll rejoice today...and regret it forevermore.

aka BEharp
aka agenturus