Saturday, January 07, 2006

Answers to Questions

Here is portion of an email correspondence from my friend "Eden" that I decided to re-post as a blog:

I received this via email would love to get your perspective ..

Too long for my attention span but I will try. My eyes kinda glaze over with all this talk of the middle east and sunni and shiites and whutnot. Blah blah blah. not one mention of zionist or CIA involvement. if you are looking for the antichrist try the White House. the current occupant fits all the criteria. Saddam was just a CIA puppet who, like Noriega, tried to break away and go maverick. so then he is labelled a "terrorist".

my answers [to the questions below]:

QUESTION: What do you see next for the coming decades?

this decade is seeing the greatest battle our entire species has ever faced. The plot to enslave us has been sown millenia ago. over the centuries this agenda has been steadily unfolding, step by step, until the time of the harvesting of the human soul. It has already begun. if we lose this struggle we shall remain a slave-beast forever. If we can beat this we will be free of this prison matrix forever. All eyes in the universe are upon us now to see what we will do.  No pressure.... :)

QUESTION: It feels like the world is just spiraling out of it?

"out of control" would be inaccurate. see above. everything is going according to plan. it's up to is to stop the plan.

QUESTION: Do you have any words of comfort or advice in this time?

see below.

QUESTION: What can we do to stop this dire future and turn it all around?

it has been said [supposedly by an off-world being] that "our species will choose the method of our own destruction." the solution? Choose not to destroy one another. Selfishness, arrogance, lying, stealing, betrayal, intimidation, taking advantage of others..... these are all paths to our own demise.

QUESTION: So many people are in so much pain...What can I do?

by not adding to it. kindness, honesty and consideration for others [the Golden Rule] isn't fluffy talk for Sunday sermons and weaklings. it is the path to our freedom. it is the only way we are gonna get out of this mess, dead or alive.

Hope this helps, bear in mind it's just one cranky dude's opinion.

nite nite


These were questions originally posed to John Hogue and answered in his 
"PREDICTIONS FOR 2006 AND BEYOND (PART 2) 12/31/2005"   
I am including this information for context, but I do not necessarily endorse his work. so I'm not going to bother to re-post his answers.  This is my blog.  He has his.