Well. It is  an improvement and I’m glad you take my concerns to heart.  But I am still very upset.


Your discussions of the ancestry and evolutionary path of Homo Neanderthal are a subject of ongoing debate and research; there are plenty of other opinions out there and a lot are inconclusive. I don't have an opinion.  But I notice complete absence of any mention of Homo Heidelbergensis in your discussion, a progenitor of the negroid races who also interbred with both Neanderthal and Homo Erectus. This certainly had an influence on the tribes of  the ancient world.   I recommend you look into it. As for your research into the origins of the Habiru people, I don't have an issue with it per se. in spite of your generous disclaimer at the beginning of the article, your conclusions at the end of the article are what I take issue with.


You portray Joseph Stalin and a parade of Jewish sociopaths and quote pages upon pages of incriminating scripture.  You present photos of psychopaths that all posses certain physical features in common.  You then conclude that ALL people with these traits, ALL people of Habiru ancestry are ALL psychopaths, and that someone of Habiru ancestry is incapable of ever not being a psychopath, and that is an unchangeable fact for all time. You assert "thus the Hebrews are not a pure race of any kind, but instead a criminal gene pool, a psychopathic breed" 


Really John?  It’s a slap in the face to me, to our friends like Gilad Atzmon and Dov Weiss, all the Jewish authors who have come out to expose the truth, and the 150,000 Jews who proudly served the Reich.


One could just as easily weave a tale about white people. Take a few especially cruel monarchs and popes, Countess Bathory, Vlad the impaler, all the pedophiles in the clergy,  British royalty and parliament, who are all white. Lump that with British colonialism and America’s westward expansion, throw in some black slavery and what do we have here? Bam! The very white-bashing propaganda that we’re inundated with on a daily basis.  As I am expert in identifying propaganda when I see it, I am calling bullshit.  


John. No one is guilty by virtue of genetics. No one pops out of the womb as a psychopath. It certainly makes sense that bands of wandering outlaws would continue in their outlaw tradition for generations. But that is not the fault of genetics.  We agree on the sociopathic ideology of the jews. But the whole point is jews are coming out and exposing it. but again, ideology is not genetics.  We agree that certain races have a propensity to lean towards certain behaviors by law of averages. Even then, sociopathy is not a natural human trait. It has to be taught and reinforced by trauma and abuse. Yet you affirm that every single person of Habiru ancestry is automatically and permanently and for all time doomed to psychopathy simply by virtue of genetics. 


Now might be a good time to point out a few notable jews who do not fit your theory of physical traits and character:


Bernile Nienau, the pretty blonde girl who frequently visited Hitler at the Berghof


Colonel Hollaender:


Werner Goldberg


Hessy Taft, the model German baby girl



You distort Gilad Atzmons assertion that the tribe is on the verge of collective psychosis. I agree. By tribe he is means the people which self-identify as jews. He has written many articles about this. I recommend an oldie but goodie “to Sit In The Dark”  Today the Jewish people are is made up of mostly Ashkenazi and Sephardim, which are themselves mixed  races.  He is not talking about an entire group by genetic ancestry, which includes plenty of non-jews who aren't going through an ideological crisis.  Furthermore,  both racial and ideological of the jews has morphed over time to suit the greater agenda of what you call the 'big jews'.  Call them The Elders, Zionists, Illuminati or whatever floats yer boat, which, as we've discussed, is ultimately alien in its origins. 


Jews are starting to reject their ideology; which at present this puts us in crisis, because from here, what now? What is our self-identity?  But this only proves our capacity to evolve and that we are actively going through that process now.    You’ve personally experienced this. You had a crisis when gave up your religion when you saw the criminal behavior in its leadership.


Many jews have married outside of the tribe, have become atheists, or converted to Hinduism, Buddhism, shamanism, and some of even made the *gasp* leap into Christianly! Oh the horror! (sarcasm) I have gone even further by embracing National Socialism.  Meanwhile the ultra-orthodox Lubavitchers are freaking out; their chabad mobiles are out trolling New York City in the hopes to recruit disillusioned jews back into the fold.


Jews have demonstrated an amazing ability for survival. The Jewish capacity for treachery and cunning is also a capacity for flexibility, adaptability  and resourcefulness which the gentiles lack. Jews can set aside their egos when survival is at stake, something that the thick-headed Aryans can't seem to grasp; you cling to your obsolete thousand-year-old nationalist grudges. Your entire race is facing annihilation yet you bicker amongst yourselves.   This is why it was so easy for the jews to plunge Europe into to two world wars; just throw you in the ring like a couple of fighting cocks with all your honor and glory.  The Talmudists call you stupid goyim. Please stop proving them right.


As an ex-jew, I 'get' the inner conflicts within Jewry which gentiles don't.  But I don't understand all these ancient European tribal grudges.  I adopted Aryan ideology with idealism and none of these biases, only to discover the various white nationalists to be inflexible self-righteous purists who will never get your shit together. I come into your circles seeking solidarity and friendship, only to be treated with distrust and insults.  Your essay does not encourage me to continue trying. I am now to the point now where I want to say screw you all.   You’re doomed.